"You are like the ocean, perfect is your motion."



My greatest fear is that I’ve been left here all alone I’ll never hear Almost Doesn’t Count live.

the music is too loud.


i hate the moment when i’m sitting in the back of a car and someone turns the music up too loud,
because then i can’t hear what they’re saying.

i hated the moment when the coffee machine ran out after church so people disperse
& go do their own forms of praying,

i hate when cigarettes are…

Some people have their faith, 
I don't know what to think
'Cause if there's something guiding us,
Then why am I just drawing blanks?
I still dream of running but I can't fill up my tank
You grabbed my hands and pulled me up
Poured my soul into a cup
Til it runneth over...



my favorite little band is becoming not so little anymore and that’s wonderful and horrible at the same time but I’m so proud of them!!