"You are like the ocean, perfect is your motion."



I’m getting emotional because other people are getting emotional about the Live Forever tour and man this feckin band means the world to me

March 2012 (this is pretty much the explanation to the 2nd verse of the Both of Us cover)

Interviewer: As the band grows and becomes more known, what are some of your biggest fears? and "paradise" or "turtle" cannot be an answer.

Sam: I know I worry about the more people we reach, like, obviously the more spread out we become, the busier we become, and I'm afraid people will, because, and this is kind of like something we're always kind of fighting, is that people, because we can't be as, like, consistent with people. Can't tweet people back as much as I used to, like I'm afraid their gonna, like, forget or think that I don't care about them. So, I'm dreading silently that I'll find that one day too many calls are coming through and I'll lose you in the static and forget about everything.


Sam’s hug was all that is was cracked up to be, I’ll never need another hug from anyone again